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Customers' Testimonials

Name:Yoojin C. Ph.D
Content:I just wanted to tell you that my EcoSphere ("ISP" size) is alive and well even after 6 years. I received it as a birthday gift, and I think aside from one of the three shrimps dying, it is still doing well. I am a high school biology teacher now, and my students (especially younger ones) love it. I will be showing it in class tomorrow as a demonstration of an ecosystem.
Ecosphere:Thanks for your testimonial.

Name:Marshal W.
Content:I got one of your original spheres about 10 years ago, and it’s been on my desk since that time as a testament to the tenacity of life.
Ecosphere:Thanks for your testimonials!

Name:Laura W.
Content:“I have an Ecosphere I wanted to tell you about. My husband bought it for me 8-9 years ago, and one little shrimp still remains…just thought you would like to know. It is truly amazing!”
Ecosphere:Thanks for your testimonial!

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