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about us

     The Original Ecosphere is the world's first totally enclosed ecosystem - a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass. Be wary of inferior and lower quality imitations. Easy to care for, an EcoSphere is an incredible learning tool that can provide powerful insights about life on our own planet... and provide a glimpse of technology that's shaping the future of space exploration.)
      An Ecosphere is much more than a scientific breakthrough - it is a work of art. A living treasure to own or give to someone special. Each Ecosphere is carefully crafted to achieve an aesthetic, meditative beauty that can soothe any environment, including home, classroom or office.
Our ecosystems demonstrate in a most simplistic way the interdependence of animal and plant life with Earth's most precious element - water. Our products have been called science projects, the world's lowest maintenance pets, closed aquariums. They are in fact developments of space age technology initiated by NASA.
     Our primary goal is education. We feel fortunate that we can expose all ages to an ecosystem that is decorative, entertaining, and educational. We are proud that our products are on exhibit world wide. Our customer client base transcends age, race, educational levels and geographic location.
     We have built large totally closed Ecosystems and other exhibits worldwide for over 13 years. The Ecospheres are the greatest environmental exhibits for any museum, science center, zoo, or aquarium. While they illustrate both science and art they draw the visitor to think about the environment and how it works. These truly spectacular exhibits contain hundreds, even thousands of the same shrimp found in our smaller standard Ecospheres sold to the public in stores worldwide. Since 1987 we have installed over 20 exhibition units for institutions and corporations in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Custom designed to fit any decor or theme, these large Ecosphere can also be used in corporate entries or offices while requiring little to no maintenance. 
     We operate all businesses among the Asian region, such as China, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Korea and more.


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