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What is Ecosphere, how does it work?

     The Ecosphere(R) is a tiny working model of the Earth. It contains the same essential elements that are found on our planet- air, water, life (algae, microorganisms and shrimp) and land (gravel and gorgonian). Life functions in the Ecosphere just as it does on Earth.

Light: sun or artificial light makes the algae grow.
Oxygen: Algae produce oxygen for the shrimp.
Food: Shrimp eat the algae and the bacteria feed on the waste from the shrimps’ digestion
Waste: Shrimp produce waste—carbon dioxide from “breathing” and solid waste from eating.
Nutrient: Bateria break shrimps' digestion down into nutrients. The algae use the nutrients, carbon dioxide and light energy to grow back, so the shrimp will have yet another meal.

EcoSphere(R) a NASA technology
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