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Replacement Policy

ECOSPHERE® Replacement Policy
Each brand new Ecosphere purchase comes with a Replacement Policy. The replacement policy period will start from the original issue date of your original Ecosphere. No Replacement Policy exists on Replaced or Recharged Ecospheres. Should half or all the shrimp die for any reason during the Replacement Policy period, we will replace the unit promptly.

All larger Ecospheres have a 7-Day Replacement Policy. This Policy requires the customer to pay a standard handling fee and shipping charges (optional). No warranty implied or otherwise, shall exist on the Ecosphere.

No replacement will be made where the glass is cracked or broken, or where the temperature or light limits have been exceeded. Each Ecosphere is housed in a hand-blown glass vessel and variations in clarity, smoothness, size, and shape are to be expected. We will honor replacement only upon receipt of the unbroken and otherwise undamaged failed Ecosphere system. An evaluation is needed before a replacement is made.

Replacement Procedures

  1. Contact us at info@Ecosphere-asia.com
  2. If your Ecosphere is eligible for replacement under our initial evaluation, we’ll give you a RP No. and amount of fee.
  3. please place the Ecosphere in a suitable box along with the Ecosphere ID number, purchaser’s name, address, phone number and all necessary fees. Use at least 3 to 4 inches of bubble wrap to protect the Ecosphere if you do not have the original packaging.  You may bring it to our office or mail it via UPS or FedEx are all fine carriers.
  4. Final evaluation of the Ecosphere from our technical staff will take about 1 working day.  We cannot Replace, Recharge or Upgrade any Ecosphere that arrives cracked or broken.
  5. If your Ecosphere is eligible for replacement under our evaluation, there will be approximately 5 working days to complete the replacement process.
  6. fter completion of replacement, we’ll notify you for picking up the replaced Ecosphere or we’ll deliver the replaced Ecosphere to your designated address at designated time and date.
Item No.

Delivery Charge

Handling Fee
S4 Small Sphere 10cm dia. HKD $150 HKD $160
P5 Small Pod 13cm tall HKD $150 HKD $160
P7 Large Pod 19cm tall HKD $200 HKD $290
S6 Large Sphere 15cm dia. HKD $200 HKD $290
S9 X-Large 22.5cm dia. HKD $350 HKD $590

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